Safeguard Asset Recovery
Total Healthcare/Life Science Equipment Asset Control Programs
SafeGuard provides you a complete, secure, Audited Data/ HDD Destruction, IT Asset tracking and equipment recycling program.

What solutions can SafeGuard provide?

All with HIPAA certifications and all other currently required for Health care regulations and through only one vendor for your facility. Healthcare, Life Science and Medical Services firms now face stringent regulations and challenges concerning the disposal and processing of retired and obsolete Medical and Research equipment. Cradle to Grave chain of custody is essential to ensure compliance with HIPAA, EMR, PCI and FACTA standards.

Rapidly changing technologies now require frequent It and equipment asset management decisions, including upgrading, migrating, eliminating, and refresh projects with medical/research equipment, IT hardware such as computers, laptops, servers, networking gear, hard drives and other data storage devices. A Secure, Compliant, End-to- End, audit-able HIPAA compliant process for all hospital equipment is now essential for all facilities. To include: Asset Auditing, Tracking, Disposal, and Destruction methods of data and equipment. As well as legal and contractual obligations to safeguard client data, and refresh projects with medical/research equipment, sensitive patient information and credit card records.

SafeGuard manages your facilities current highly regulated and ultra-security hard asset sectors in the Healthcare, Life Science and Medical Service Field for you. Safeguards’ fully secure, end-to- end process with all reports and certifications, meet all regulations to ensure a compliant, leak-proof chain of custody. The result? You have the confidence/certified proof and reports, that not only is your data completely destroyed and protected, but your Out of Service equipment assets are handled, tracked, and reported in an environmentally responsible manner and managed through one of our Total Hospital Asset Control Programs that meet all local, state and federal requirements.

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