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We manage your End of Life Assets, responsibly, with integrity, while protecting our environment.
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Industries Served


Secure, environmentally responsible end-of-life asset management.


IT asset Management meeting the strictest compliance requirements.


Warranty returns, trade-ins, parts management - it all has to go somewhere.


Multiple levels of regulation require the proper disposal methods.


Protect client data and your critical financial information


Avoid a data breach of your confidential electronic data.


Whatever your industry, the concern is the same - Data Security

A company with retired equipment should establish a formal process for handling their retired or EOL (end-of-life) equipment. Data breaches are often gained by retired equipment that wasn't handled properly and securely. At SafeGuard, we take pride in our high standard of data and brand protection and can guarantee your safety. We look forward to partnering with companies and organizations that share our dedication to the security of domestic downstream processing and the protection of the environment.

Itemized Audit Reports

SafeGuard provides itemized reports on all materials received. Each report is customized to fit each client's specific requirements. SafeGuard performs these services on location or within our facilities while adhering to all federal, state, and local guidelines. Each report substantiates the proper disposition of all assets and management of software licenses.

Secure Logistics

SafeGuard transports all materials safely and securely. We provide the removal and transportation of each client's valuable equipment with a reliable chain of custody. At SafeGuard, we customize our logistic services to meet your needs and requirements.

Secure Chain of Custody

At SafeGuard, your assets leave their location and are delivered securely and directly to one of our many facilities across the U.S. By using only our secure network of logistics partners, we keep control of each client's assets throughout the entire transportation process.

Certified Data Destruction

At SafeGuard, we practice the highest industry standards when it comes to data destruction. We use DOD grade destruction processes for hard drives and other devices that may have valuable information contained on them. SafeGuard performs data destruction services onsite or offsite; meeting the different needs of it's varied client base.

Certified Recycling

SafeGuard properly recyles all equipment that wil not be repurposed or reused. All of our recycling is handled in the U.S. and nothing is sent overseas for processing. Equipment is separated if being reused for future manufacturing of usable products. Otherwise, all sensitive information and/or material is shredded.

Quarterly Sustainability Reports

SafeGuard provides quarterly sustainability reports for your records. Each report tracks landfill diversion accomplishments while helping substantiate each client's corporate goals and philosophy of protecting the environment.

Repurpose and Remarketing

Sustainability is important to everyone in the world today, as it is at SafeGuard. We process all equipment with sustainability in mind. Many times, after hard drives have been removed and destroyed, there are residual parts and pieces that still can be repurposed. By repurposing these, we are creating a valuable commodity in the market place and this can also create a revenue stream for you. SafeGuard will share the revenues received from the resale and remarketing of reusable parts and equipment. We maintain a secure network of buyers who share our commitment to sustainability. This network provides all of their repurposed assets.

Total Healthcare/Life Science Equipment Asset Control Programs

SafeGuard provides you a complete, secure, Audited Data/ HDD Destruction, IT Asset tracking, and equipment recycling program.

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SafeGuard provides IT Asset Disposition Services, End of Life Electronics Recycling Services, Risk Mitigation, Data Destruction, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, and Brand Protection Services to the Fortune 1000, Financial, Healthcare, Municipal and Telecom industries. Our expertise is providing sustainability solutions to our clients and helping them manage the final dispoition of retired company assests in a secure manner.

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