Better For The Client, Better For The Environment

At SafeGuard, we are driven by the pursuit of safe, secure and sustainable management of retired and obsolete equipment on behalf of our clients and in hopes of a healthier environment and providing a great customer experience.

SafeGuard was founded by industry veterans who saw the opportunity to eliminate the unethical, unsafe practices commonly found among e-waste recyclers—practices that threaten good companies and harm the environment. In contrast, SafeGuard operates with transparency by partnering with our clients to process end-of-life assets responsibly and with unsurpassed data security.

In other words, you can count on SafeGuard to do the right thing.

E-Waste: Let’s Do Something About It

According to the EPA, electronic waste represents the fastest-growing municipal waste stream in the U.S., with only 20% of it recycled. Not only is the volume a threat to the environment, but the lead and other toxins found in e-waste pose a distinct threat to human health.

SafeGuard believes in doing our part by taking the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, creating processes to maximize efficiency and accountability, and nurturing a personal interest in our clients and our work.

We also hire like-minded people to join our team—people who are passionate about the environment and building trust with clients who depend on us to minimize their impact on the planet.