With new challenges and stringent regulations governing the disposition of retired medical and research equipment, it’s never been more important to have a partner you can trust.

SafeGuard serves Healthcare, Medical and Life Science companies by providing complete, secure, audited data destruction; asset tracking; and environmentally sound equipment recycling. We ensure compliance with HIPAA, EMR, PCI and FACTA standards by delivering a transparent, Cradle-to-Grave chain of custody on your equipment.

And by partnering with SafeGuard, you get the added simplicity of a single vendor serving any and all of your facilities.

SafeGuard Simplifies the Disposal of Retired Medical & IT Assets

With the frequent advent of new technologies in the Healthcare field, our clients face persistent decisions regarding the management of their equipment and assets. These include when to upgrade, migrate, eliminate or refresh a variety of hardware, such as:

● Medical/Research equipment
● Computers
● Laptops
● Servers
● Networking equipment
● Hard drives and other data storage devices

For each of these decisions at every facility, it’s essential to have a secure, HIPAA-compliant, auditable process in place.

SafeGuard meets and exceeds the industry regulations by providing:

● Asset disposition auditing
● Detailed tracking of all equipment
● Customizable, itemized reports
● Secure hardware disposal
● Verifiable data destruction

By partnering with SafeGuard, you will have the confidence—backed by certified reporting—that your HIPAA data is completely secured through destruction. And you get to share with your stakeholders the benefits of our environmentally responsible asset management.

Contact us today to create a Total Hospital Asset Control Program for your facility that meets all local, state and federal requirements and delivers unparalleled security and environmental benefits.